How Do I Connect My Mac to Windows?

Mac users work in their native Unix environment are familiar with using the terminal to SSH into their Linux based servers. When using a Mac to log into a Windows environment, or vice versa,  the task is performed differently. Window machines use a different protocol, one aptly named RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). For our tutorial, we’ll explore how to use your Mac to connect to a Windows server.  Let’s get started!



Step 1:  Open Finder >> Applications >> App Store.  We’ll be going to the App Store to download Microsoft Remote Desktop.


Step 2. Use the search bar to locate Microsoft’s Remote Desktop. Select Get >> Install App. After installed, click on the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon in your Applications folder.

iCloud is absolutely free, but they require a valid credit card on file, even for free apps.


Step 3: Launch the app by finding it in your Applications folder.


Step 4: For our connection select + New and fill out the information in the highlighted boxes for the Windows server.Connection Name: A nickname to identify this connection

PC Name: Window’s server IP address

User Name: Administrator

It seems counter-intuitive but close the edit window to save the settings. Immediately, you’ll see the server show up in your My Desktops list.


Step 5: Click on the server name to connect to your Windows environment. If all the information was correctly entered you’ll see the Window’s environment with the familiar Windows desktop background.

Would you like to know more about how to connect your Mac to Windows? Open a ticket with us at [email protected], Give us a call at 800-580-4985 or open a chat with us to speak to one of our Level 3 Windows Support Admins today!

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