Migration to Managed WooCommerce

Liquid Web is here to support your migration needs into our Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform. Whether you are migrating from an external or internal source, our in-house team of migration experts transforms the data migration process into a simple task. To ensure the smoothest and best possible data transfer, we have a quick overview and a few points for your consideration. 


Step 1: Sync & Data Move

Our first step includes taking a copy of your live site (known as the origin site) and migrating it over to our Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform. Rest assured, when performing the migration, the only changes made to the site will be to assist in the movement. Within this timeframe, it is advised to avoid making changes or updates to the site as it will extend the migration timeline and could result in data loss. Changes and updates are included but not limited to themes, designs, contents, products, blog posts or WordPress versions. The initial sync process should result in no downtime for your live site.

Step 2: Testing

Once the initial sync is complete, our Migration Specialists perform a series of basic tests to the site. During this time, our team will send information on ways to test out your new site to ensure that all aspects have carried over correctly and are in working order. Before going live, it is essential to take the time to thoroughly review your site and if at any point you do find a discrepancy our specialist is there to assist.

Step 3: Going Live

The third and most exciting step is the push to go live. We will coordinate the best date and time for the final sync of your site. This last sync will ensure the latest data on orders, products, and customers transfers to your new server. Upon completion of the final sync, you will be asked to update the staging domain’s name and DNS record. With a little DNS propagation time, you will begin to see the new site populate!

Step 4: Performance Enhancing Applications

With the updating of DNS and the site name, you are now entirely done with the migration process. In subsequent steps, we will create a ticket with our Product Team to connect your store to our partnered applications, Glew and Jilt. Credentials to these valued applications will be sent out in an email, after which, our product team can suggest performance optimization methods to get the most out of your eCommerce store.

Knowing the details behind the migration process aligns us with our next step in creating a migration request from your Liquid Web control panel! Once completed, our Migration Specialists will be in touch to schedule the migration and answer any questions you may have.

Our Managed WooCommerce plans, starting with the Standard plan, are eligible for our “white glove” migration process. Just contact your Solutions representative for more information.

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