Using Stripe as a Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

When you’re building an eCommerce store you’ll eventually need to setup up a solution for accepting payments. Your site’s payment processing can be managed with services like PayPal, Square, or others. When you setup a WooCommerce you find that out of the box it supports: Direct bank transfers, Check payments, cash on deliver, and PayPal.

When you want to use some other service you’ll have to add support for it. Luckily the WooCommerce platform has a lot of options for payment gateways. In this KB article we’ll show you how to setup Stripe to work in your WooCommerce store. With our Managed WooCommerce Hosting you have Stripe pre-installed and ready to activate.

How do I set Stripe up as my payment gateway?

From your WooCommerce > Settings page, choose Checkout > Stripe and click the Enable Stripe checkbox. If you’re not working on our Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform you can install the Stripe extension from the WordPress plugin repository here.

After the payment gateway for strip is enabled you’ll need to get it configured. You will need to enter in your Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key, available to those with an active Stripe account. You can find more here:

You’ll want to add a Statement Descriptor, which is most often the legal name of your store or business, and makes it easy for your customers to identify who they’ve paid.

From this section, you can also enable Enable Apple Pay if you wish to give customers with an iOS 10+ device and Safari-based web browser the option to pay using Apple Pay.

Another option you can provide customers are Saved Cards. This allows your customers the ability to use a card saved on their account for future purchases.

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